Hi, y'all! This is Kathy Gordon. I'm a songwriter, publisher, and worship leader.  Are you an artist? Are you performing and/or recording? I love to write to the style of specific artists, like you!  I also have some songs available for licensing. So if you are looking for a song to record, or to co-write and record, please contact me. I would love to help with your next project. Please sign up for the mailing list and drop me a message.

Witty Kat Songworks is the publishing company for my Country, Americana and Christian Country music. Please visit Marvelous Light Music to hear some of my Contemporary Christian works.

Now........... scroll a little further down and get a preview of Caleb Graves new single.

Witty Kat Songworks, Publisher - ASCAP

Kathryn R. Gordon, Songwriter -  ASCAP

Meet Caleb Graves

Witty Kat Songworks is pleased to announce the release of a new single, performed by Caleb Graves, titled Ashes and Dust. It will be available at most online music stores on

5/8/2020 12:00 AM